Axe Leito is the second contestant for Mr. Leather Europe 2020

Axe Leto (Mr. Leather Netherlands) is the second contestant for Mr. Leather Europe 2020.

This is the Axe bio and official picture:

My name is Axe Leito, I’m 38 years old, I was born in Willemstad, Curaçao, and nowadays I live in Amsterdam with my partner Robin.

I’m a military man and an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran.

I started discovering fetish at the age of 18 while working at a leather bar in The Hague. I consider myself a kind-hearted person who sees opportunities and solutions everywhere.

As Mr. Leather Netherlands 2019 I have built bridges between different kind of fetishes; organised brand new events such as the Ms. Leather Netherlands election; used my title to kickstart the PrEP programme in the Dutch Caribbean; appeared on several TV programmes to talk about HIV/AIDS, PrEP and the importance of protected sex.

hat I want to achieve as Mr. Leather Europe 2020 is to use my heritage for more visibility, inclusivity and acceptance. We’ve already some so far as a continent, let’s take it even further.


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