What is this?

In Italy, gay clubs are usually private clubs and you need a membership card to enter.

For ECMC AGM & Mister Leather Europe, you will need 2 membership cards:

  • ARCO card, for Thursday and Friday party
  • ENTES card, for Saturday party

We will collect your data (and the data of the person you booked for) and we will use them to prepare the membership cards: you will find them inside your package.

And… yes: it’s free!!

Is it mandatory?

No, it’s not mandatory. But if we don’t have your data in advance, we cannot prepare your membership cards.

In this case, you can do them at the door and you will pay € 8 for the ARCO card and € 3 for the ENTES card

What you have to do?

Fill in all the fields of the form below and press SUBMIT.

To add another person, reload the page and fill the form again.


Sorry, but you are late.

The data for the membership cards were alredy sent to printing service. You will have to ask for the membership cards at the door (don’t forget to have and ID card or Passaport with you) and to pay the card.