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The board - Flag of Leather Club Roma

The board of  Leather Club Roma has 5 members and it’s elected every 3 years by the Annual General Meeting of Leather Club Roma.
It manages, with the members’ help, the organization of the events and activities of the Leather Club Roma.

FabioFabio (President)

Fabio is President of Leathr Club Roma from December 2012; he is in the LCR board since 2010 and a member of LCR since 2008.
Among other things, he updates the LCR website and tries to coordinate the LCR activities (often asking for members’ cooperation)
Preferences: leather, skin gear, rubber, uniforms, bondage, sm, titplay.
Role: He’s a slave and he says he finally found his Master and husband… but there is an annoying duck between them (see below)
Qualities: If you love to be caged and Fabio is around.. you can find the cage full.
Flaws: To defend himself from unauthorized Masters he uses a lethal chemical weapon… don’t challenge him!
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Massimo (Vicepresident and Foreign Affairs)

Massimo is a founding member of Leather Club Rome, since 1999, and was President from October 2006 until December 2012.
He’s fluent in many languages (fortunately), and he’s the Foreign Affair Minister of Leather Club Roma
Preferences: leather, rubber, sm, and spanking (his favorite!)
Role: He is mainly a top.
Qualities: Patience, Diplomacy and a dungeon that everyone envies!
Flaws: Don’t ask him to fix anything or try some DIY
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Claudio (Finance)

Claudio is a member of the board since 2006.
He manages the LCR finances and does not allow us to spend more than we can!
Preferences: leather, rubber, switch, he enjoys outdoor cruising locations.
Qualities: he can fix and mount slings or several other pieces of equipment, etc.
Flaws: till recently he was one of the few not to have a facebook profile… but now he’s online!
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David is member of the board sincel 2015.
His previous experiences in the world of gay associations is a plus for the club
Preferences: leather
Role: switch
Qualities: He is very skilled at handling catheters… infact he is a (true) male nurse.
Flaws: He reads the mails a day in and day out (well… this could also be a plus!)
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Gianluca is a member of the board since 2015.
He help in developing the website and the advertising with his knowledge of  those complicated programs with fanciful names like Photoshop, Illustrator etc etc ..
Preferences: leather
Role: bottom
Qualities: Is the only one in the club who is able to self-sewing garments in leather  with good results (instead of bleeding to death in the “fetish boutique” like others members)
Flaws:  Recently, if you ask him to spend a weekend with him, he will answerl you that his first holiday will be in 2019 (maybe)
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