Leather Club Roma Solidarity Project

to help the fetish premises that have always hosted LCR events:  

This Covid-19 emergency period, which has now lasted for many months, has created and is creating many difficulties also for “our” traditional premises, which – after having been closed for a long time – find themselves able to open only for a few customers.

These places, and in particular the Skyline in Rome and the Depot in Naples, have always hosted and welcomed us over the past few years and stand as an important element of the fetish and gay community in general.

As Leather Club Roma we believe that in this period showing solidarity with those in need is an essential aspect for an association and that acting in solidarity is (and should be) a fundamental element of the idea of ​​”community”.

For this reason, Leather Club Roma has decided to produce and sell fancy backpacks, devolving the entire proceeds to the clubs that have supported us in recent years.


This is also the reason why we ask for your contribution, with the purchase of one of the fantastic backpacks of Leather Club Roma. You can choose to pick it up at the next party (probably in the fall) or to receive it comfortably at home.



Leather Club Roma Backpack €10,00
Pickup at next LCR event free
Delivery by mail +€5,00