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The board - Flag of Leather Club Roma

The board of Leather Club Roma has 5 members and it’s elected every 3 years by the Annual General Meeting of Leather Club Roma.
It manages, with the members’ help, the organization of the events and activities of the Leather Club Roma.

David (President)

David is member of the board since 2015 and he is president from 2018
His previous experiences in the world of gay associations is a plus for the club
Preferences: leather
Role: switch
Qualities: He is very skilled at handling catheters… infact he is a (true) male nurse.
Flaws: He reads the mails a day in and day out (well… this could also be a plus!)
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Chris (Vicepresidente)

Chris (Born in Viareggio, Roman by adoption but currently living in Milan where he works) is the Vice-President of Leather Club Roma. This is his first experience in the LCR’s board but he has been a well-known member since 2014.
He was Mister Rubber Italia 2016 and is the Lilli Gruber (really famous journalist in the Italian news’ field) of the Leather Club Roma. He has published tons of articles on the website which include his interviews which go from serious matters to jokey ones.
Preferences: Rubber, S/M and spanking.
Role: Slave.
Qualities : His complicated love affairs get the whole fetish community hooked. Soon to be seen on the national tv at Barbara D’Urso’s show?
Flaws: Takes part to the annual Viareggio’s Carnival wearing very unusual clothes.

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Marco (Treasuer)

Marco (Treasurer)
Marco is also at his first experience as a member of the LCR’s board however for the rest he has lots of experiences .
He was Mister Leather Italia 2015 and also he was the 1st Runner-up for Mister Leather Europe. He is actively involved in volunteering for the LGBT+ community.
Preferences: Leather.
Role: Top/switch.
Qualities: He has a big knowledge of pop music so whichever is the concert you want to go to, in Italy or abroad, you need definitely to ask him!
Flaws: Do not give him a microphone unless you are ready to see him be the showgirl for the evening!

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Neri, from Naples, this is for him the first experience in the board but he has a long history in LGBT+ associations.
He was Mister Leather Italia 2016 and 2nd runner-up of Mister Leather Europe.
Preferences: Leather.
Role: Switch
Qualities: He is one of the very few men in the World who can swim in the pool wearing full Langlitz! Famous for his night swimming performances in Spain!
Flaws: with all the Fetish parties, after parties and chill outs that he attends you can’t rely on him on Sunday morning

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Fabio is member of Leather Club Roma from 2008 and was from 2012 to 2018
Among other things, he updates the LCR website and tries to coordinate the LCR activities (often asking for members’ cooperation)
Preferences: leather, skin gear, rubber, uniforms, bondage, sm, titplay.
Role: He’s a slave and he says he finally found his Master and husband… but there is an annoying duck between them (see below)
Qualities: If you love to be caged and Fabio is around.. you can find the cage full.
Flaws: To defend himself from unauthorized Masters he uses a lethal chemical weapon… don’t challenge him!
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Dodo - Official MascotteDodo – Official Mascot 

Dodo is the official mascot of the Rome Leather Club.
He is 18 years old and he tries to take part to all the parties of the Club, possibly on stage or otherwise on display (but the he is opposed by our official showman).
Preferences: Leather. He can not stand geese
Role: bottom
Qualities:He flusters rarely and he is loved by everyone
Defects:. Sometimes it can be intrusive … if you are not careful and you distract for a moment … you have already stolen the place!
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