2018-2019: the best Italian fetish season ever

The four fetish musketeers

Thel 2018-2019 season will be the italian fetish season with the fullest calendar ever!

The well-know clubs working in Rome, Milan and Padua will be hepled by a new organization that will organize events in Pisa and Florence.

There will be four fetish organization in Italy:


What's new in 2018-2019 season?


The main news of the season are:

  • for the first time, also in Pisa and Florence  there will be regular and scheduled events;
  • a new contest is born: Mister Fetish Italia, organized by  LFM  & LCR.

The 2018-2019 season will have 28 events in 7 cities!


FETISH CALENDAR 2018 - 20'19


2 FebruaryFetish NightRomeLCR

Date Event NAME City Organized by
22 September The Hole Milan LFM
29 September Fetish Night Turin LFI
20 October LFM Birthday Milan LFM
20 October Fetish Night Rome LCR
27 October Fetish Lab Pisa TFLL
2-4 November LFI Meeting Milan LFI
17 November Kinky Napoli Naples LCR
17 November The Hole Milan LFM
1 Dicember Fetish in Florence Florence TFLL
15 Dicember Fetish Xmas Padua LFI
22 Dicember The Hole Milan LFM
31 Dicember Fetish Lab Pisa TFLL
18-20 January Mr. Fetish Italia – The art of Fetish Milan LFM+LCR
16 February The Hole Milan LFM
16 February Fetish in Florence Florence TFLL
9 March Kinky Napoli Naples LCR
9 March Fetish Night Floence LFI
22-24 March Mr. Puppy Italy & Essence of Fetish Milan LFM+LCR
6-7 April Mr. Rubber Italia – #strongertogether weekend Rome LCR + LFI
13 April TFLL Birthday Pisa TFLL
20 April The Hole Milan LFM
27 April Fetish Night Milan LFI
4 May Fetish in Florence Florence TFLL
11 May The Hole Milan LFM
17-19 May Mr. Leather Italia Padua LFI + LCR
15 June The Hole Milan LFM


You can find detailed info about the events visiting the webistes and Facebooks pages listed at the beginnng.