Fundraising for quick HIV tests

Why a fundraising?

Fortunately, seropositivity is no longer a sentence but a condition with which, thanks to medical care and therapy, one can live with having a very high quality of life.

However, more than half of HIV diagnoses in Italy occur when the disease is already in an advanced state (2018 data, Istituto Superiore di Sanità )

The early diagnosis of seropositivity plays a fundamental role in the treatment and prevention of HIV:

  • significantly improves the quality of life of HIV-positive people;
  • reduces the risk of transmission to other people;

For this reason Leather Club Roma decided to launch a fundraising campaing in favor of two initiatives for carrying out rapid HIV tests.

The initiatives

The two initiatives we have decided to finance are organized by Circolo Mario Mieli and by Gay Center .

Both initiatives allow you to perform the quick test (with an answer in about 20 minutes) free of charge and in the utmost confidentiality. The tests are carried out by medical staff.

Iniziative name: L'unica differenza è saperlo

Organized by: Gay Center

Web site:

Price: Free

Info: Web site - Gay help line 800.713.713

L'unica differenza è saperlo allows you to carry out the HIV Rapid test at the Gay Center in Roma (Via Galvani 51F / Entrance by #Rainbowall / Metro Piramide).
You need to book in advance calling the Gay Help line.

Iniziative name: Pensa Rapido

Organized by: Circolo di Cultura Omosessuale Mario Mieli

Sito web:

Price: free

Info: Web Site - Rainbow line 800.110.611

Pensa Rapido allows you to carry out the HIV Rapid test at theCircolo Mario Mieli (Via Efeso 2A / Metro San Paolo.
You need to book in advance calling the Rainbow line.

Your contributions

zaineto leather club roma


By purchasing a backpack from the Rome Leather Club, the entire amount will be donated to the "Think Quick" and "The only difference is to know" initiatives, which carry out rapid tests for HIV free of charge.

During the check out you can choose whether to collect the backpack at the next Leather Club Rome event or to receive it at home by ordinary mail or express courier.

You can also choose to make an additional donation.


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