Interview with Mister Leather Italia and Mister Rubber Italia 2019… and 2020

We spoke with Cosimo e John, respectively Mister Leather Italia and Mister Rubber Italia 2019, whose titles were extended to 2020. They talked about their fisrt year as mister and their hope for the future, considering such an uncertain moment for the Italian and international fetish community.

Title, date of election and step-down

J: Mister Rubber Italia 2019, election date April 6 2019 and deadline, well, according to the latest news, 2021.

C: MISTER LEATHERMAN ITALY 2019, that’s the title on the sash that was entrusted to me on May 18, 2019 in Padua and that I will pass to the next mister in 2021.

Single, divorced, looking, engaged…

C: Married for 15 years with Marco, known on social networks as Freddolino.

J: I think many people already know the answer. Desperately single looking for the “future husband”! Even if for some period I have been busy … let’s not go into details.

Nooo, let’s do it. Our readers are curious.

J: Ehm, maybe not.

Uff, what a reserved titleholder. OK… Even if we are still far from the end of title-year, making a balance, as of today which kind of experience has been? … 3 words to define it

C: Positive, precious and rewarding.

J: Just three words? Ugh! Soooo, getting excited every time.

On the day of your election, who did you thank?

J: First of all my Godmother Fairies! Three people who are a piece of heart for me. Then all the friends who encouraged me and people who supported me. Actually I said thank to anyone.

C: All those who trusted me through their vote, to be a worthy representative of the Italian community.

Will you do the same on the day of your step-down?

C: On the day of my step-down I will thank all those who have been close to me during my year and who helped me to give the best of myself.

J: Of course! I am grateful for what I am living as a sash holder. I have widened the circle of people around me, so it is right to thank each of them too.

Let’s talk about international competitions. Mister Rubber Europe has been canceled and IML too, but your mandate was extended…

J: Sore point. Unfortunately, I could not have taken part in the first date of the competition because of my job, but as the event has to be rescheduled, I can think to participate.

C: But is it really necessary to talk about it? That’s a sore point for me too. Due to different reasons I preferred not to participate in international competitions, I speak about the European one, which took place in Rome with the deserved victory of my “cousin” Stevio, and also about International Mister Leather, that was postponed due to the healthcare emergency.

You have traveled a lot and attending the European fetish scene. What Italy lacks, if it lacks something, to have a truly international fetish scene.

J: Perhaps, compared to the European and international scene, there is a lack of open-mindedness and “spontaneity”. In Italy we have to fight every day with many more prejudices.

C: In my opinion, definitely nothing. In Italy, people approaching leather / rubber / fetish / puppy /+ scene for the first time, they find a range of offers in terms of meeting opportunities that has nothing to envy to other countries Europeans. During the last few years, many cities have hosted events: Turin, Milan, Padua, Verona, Florence, Rome and Naples, embracing all of our beautiful country. I assure you that foreign friends have always been happily impressed by the organization of our events.

You can get something from your counterpart’s rubber / leather wardrobe. What would you steal from him?

J: Okay. Game over. Can I steal a complete Bluf leather suit? However thinking about it, if I have to be a thief, I’m going to steal what he cares about most: boots.

C: John, can you lend me your “LITTLE BLACK CATSUIT”? I would be very curious to try the totalizing sensation that rubber would have on my body. As mademoiselle Coco would say, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same” and as we are used to saying the black streamlines!

Coco Chanel, groundbreaking…

C: Do you want me to attack with Callas?

No, no, please, let’s move on. If I tell you #strongertogether, what do you think about? Apart from world peace I mean …

C: It is the forma mentis which we should deal with this passion, do you know the Roman tortoise studied in school books? Probably the hashtag #RomanTortoise would not have been so successful abroad… however the meaning is actually the same: all together against discrimination even within the homosexual community.

J: The evening at the Bunker Club in Rome when everything started. I have to say thanks to that evening, because from that moment, the whole “movement” started spreading throughout Europe and over. A movement that has shown our unity as one community. From my point of view, that moment made me more confident of who I am and how I want to live, as now I know that I am not alone.

Due to the current situation, Leather Club Roma and Leather Friends Italia decided to extend your year as sash-holders until 2021. What do you think about the next few months for our community?

J: Definitely not an easy period for interpersonal relationships, unfortunately or fortunately we can use many different social channels to keep in touch and we can organize parties even if with social distancing restrictions. Wishing for a happy ending as soon as possible to meet again people in a normal way. I mean… when everything is over I won’t be a good boy.

C: It will be a stalemate, I am not optimistic about it. I fear that the next few months will be characterized by the impossibility of a normal social aggregation, at least as we have considered it so far. So welcome to alternative initiatives that are multiplying throughout Italy, the scheduling of appointments via social media and different kinds of parties to keep in contact with the rest of the community.

Should we remember you for …?

C: For improving the visibility of our community, which is not composed of Martians, and maybe for helping someone to pull out from their closets, which are normally full of fears, only beautiful boots and all kinds of gear.

J: Are you sure you want me to answer? I want to give you the official version and the unofficial one. The official one is that the title of Mr Rubber, for what I managed to do, has shown to still exist and that it will continue to be a point of reference for the Italian rubber community. The unofficial and more personal one is that I will probably be remembered as the mister of blitz, as my participation in events has usually been in and out. Moreover for my obsession with finding a husband… I have to think about retirement.

Thank you guys!