Interview with Igor, Puppy Italy 2020

We interviewed Igor, Puppy Italia 2020, to speak about his long “year” as a titleholder and the future of the Italian puppy community. Here’s what he told us…


We are at the end of your title year, a very long year due to the pandemic. If you look back what were the best moments of this experience?

The most beautiful moments, which are actually two, were certainly the Puppy Games 2020 and 2021, which took place in Torre del Lago, Tuscany. Given the scarcity of events due to the pandemic, it was easy to identify the beautiful moments, which are those I spent with all the other puppies.


And the most difficult one?

Well, I’d say everything else. The impossibility of a face-to-face communication, which in 90% of the cases becomes a written exchange, creates misunderstandings in the long run. With more events and fewer messages, the title year would have been more enjoyable for sure.


The Italian puppy community is growing rapidly. How do you see it today and what are your expectations for the future?

Yes it’s true, the puppy community is growing quickly for various reasons, given the accessibility of information and, of course, the affordability of this kink. I feel quite “responsible” for the first point, and I can only be happy about it. I think the situation can only improve between now and the next year. The easily accessible information makes everything easier and avoids the classic equation unknown equal scary.


What do you think of the puppy community’s relationship with the rest of the fetish community?

With the scarcity of events, not all the “new generations” are aware of the many faces of the fetish community, and this obviously involves the above equation. On the other hand, I see many “more experienced” puppies getting fascinated by other fetishes, first of all those based on materials (rubber and leather). My two cents are that we should help the various parts of the community getting a little closer. It seems to me that some puppies do not consider puppy play to be a true fetish, while they consider all the others to be real and serious fetishes. Sometimes, however, I noticed how other kinksters see this fetish as too playful (due to the young age of the majority of the puppies, maybe) and tend to underestimate it a bit, at least here in Italy. I hope I’m wrong, or that the latter is a minority.


Given your experience, if you had to give some advice to the new titleholder of the Italian puppy community, what would you tell them?

It takes a lot, a lot of patience. It is not easy to be a reference point in and out of the puppy community. My advice, however, is to live this experience as you want, because this is the most important thing.

During my title year I had many people who told me to do things a certain way while I wanted to do the same things otherwise. So much criticism, so much reproach, so many unsolicited advices. Not giving a damn and acting as you believe is right is the only advice I feel like giving to my successor. There is a reason If you have been elected, and it is not to do what the others tell you.


Thank you Igor

Thank you guys