31 August 2018

Mister Rubber Italy 2019- #strongertogether weekend

Mister Rubber Italia 2019 is organized by Leather Club Roma and Leather Friends Italia. Rubber & fetish friends from Italy & Europe will come to have fun and choose the new Mister Rubber Italia 2019; the winner will partecipate in the most important European and international events and contests (Mister Eurorubber, International Mister […]
31 August 2018

Fetish Pride Italy – 6th Edition

For the 6th time, Leather Club Roma organizes the FETISH PRIDE ITALY! Finally, also in Italy, we have a wide fetish event, full of parties and events involving the Itali, European and International gay fetish community, similarly to what happens in other fetish cities (, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, London, Paris). […]
2 September 2018

Fetish Aperitif

For the first time, Leather Club Roma organizes a fetish aperitif! We will meet @ Black Market (Via De’ Ciancaleoni 31), at 19.30; here we have a reserved room for our meeting. Here, we will have some drinks and, if you like, you can also eat something.   Roma [one_half] […]
16 September 2018

Fetish Pride Italy 2017 – Catacombs Party