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Italian gay leather and fetish association


Leather Club RomaLeather Club Roma is a gay no-profit association which aims to promote and spread the leather and fetish culture in the European and Italian gay community.
Leather Club Roma was born in 1999, from 2001 is member of  ECMC, the European Confederation of leather and fetish clubs.
Leather Club Roma organizes and promotes Italian end European events about  leather, rubber, skin, bdsm and fetish.

Leather Club Roma opposes visibility, experimentation, diversity and even pride to the hypocrisy of  “to do but not to show,” to invisibility and to the bigotry of those who would impose everyone the same kind of relationship and sexuality. We strongly believe that everyone has the right (and the duty) to fully enjoy his personality and sexuality without censorship and discrimination.


Leather Club Roma Activities

  • Leather And fetish events in Rome (with local, national, European relevance)
  • Group travel abroad during special events;
  • Mister Rubber Italia & Mister Leather Italia (in partnership with LFI and LFM);
  • Fetish Pride Italy
  • Roma Fetish Film Festival;
  • WeFetish, International contest and exhibit of fetish photography;
  • Catacombs, the main Italian fetish party;
  • Exchanges and events with other European Leather Clubs;
  • Participation in cultural events, debates, etc.;
  • Dinners and social events.
Flag of Leather Club Roma

Why subscribe to the Leather Club Roma


We don’t look for many and many members, but we think that participation is very important to make our community become stronger and to make the changes happen!